Facilitator Information

What’s the Idea MindTeam(c) Facilitator offer?

Idea MindTeam Facilitators get:

  • TRAINING, mentoring, and guidance…ongoing!
  • A personality assessment and professional debrief
  • Responsibility for organizing and facilitating regular¬†structured meetings with your group, face to face and/or virtual
    a. Guidelines and agreements are established [confidentiality and commitment]
    b. Progress baseline for the facilitator (and for members) is a one-page success worksheet with goals, actions, and next steps [moving forward and accountability]
    c. 24:7 access to online resources (templates, forms, training, apps, videos, articles, audio, exercises)
    Administrative support compensation for the extra program management and leadership requirements of a Certified Idea MindTeam(c) Facilitator (as outlined in the Facilitator Agreement)

* * * Access to the following, for additional fee as needed:

  • Annual training conference with speakers
  • Professional coaches and experts (pre-vetted for quality assurance)
  • Studio time to record content for programs