Co-Working Space Members…Working Alone, Surrounded by People!

You rent space in a shared office or co-working facility yet you work alone in your office or at your cubicle.
You get stuff done on your own.
Yet you need to run ideas by others “like you”, occasionally, to sort things out and get things done.

Your co-working colleagues are your best resources!

If you only knew how to make this work for you…and everyone who can be a part of your MindTeam©!

Challenges as a co-working space member:

  • You work next to each other, but not truly together.
  • You need others help to solve problems, yet everyone is too busy getting their own businesses and projects worked out.
  • Members already invest in their spaces; now this is an additional investment?

Benefits of a MindTeam group to co-working space leadership:

  • Engages members, which increases the chances for referrals/recruitment to the space and renewals that drive more revenue and growth of the space.
  • Creates a more-positive environment and improved communication, relationships, and collaboration among members.
  • Serves as a recruiting tool for value-add to potential new members to join the space.
  • Provides a self-running program – co-working leadership is clear of operational responsibilities.

Benefits to Idea MindTeam members:

  • You have space – physical and emotional – to be heard and get feedback from peers who trust and support your growth and development.
  • You engage in real cooperation and collaboration, and can practice your messaging skills.
  • You improve communications with your co-working peers and build on each other’s ideas.
  • You get out of your own head and gain perspectives you otherwise might not have (so you avoid mistakes, learn from each other, and accelerate your business and professional success).