How much time & money are you wasting by trudging down the road alone?

By making mistakes that others could have helped you avoid?
By going around & around in circles inside your own head instead of using the “third mind” of a group to quickly get to the heart of the matter on your mind?

What if you were part of a group that brought together the collective power of everyone…

All their experiences & previous mistakes.
All their resources & knowledge.
All their ideas.
All their suggestions.

What if you had access to all this?

Move Your Ideas to Action for Income & Impact!

Discover a system that can transform your ideas to action with our complimentary download,
and learn more about being a part of an Idea Mindteam™.

So…what are “Idea MindTeams™”?

An Idea MindTeam™ is a mastermind group on steroids!

Experience the power of an intentional group. When you belong to an Idea MindTeam you are in a small group of business professionals with a trained facilitator, experiencing a proven process in a set amount of time in order to delve into business issues with the benefits of other members as your “third mind”.

You get out of your own head and…

  • Build relationships on trust. The mindset of the group is on sharing ideas collaboratively as purpose-driven entrepreneur teams.
  • Make better decisions by considering other perspectives you may not see on your own.
  • Manage your resources more-wisely by making fewer (or less-costly) mistakes.
  • Learn, grow, and increase your own effectiveness with people supporting you who want the best for you.
  • Meet with people who understand the unique demands of running your own business.
  • Interact with people who participate in your growth & development.
  • Brainstorm & gain critical insights from your entrepreneural peers.
  • Open doors to new partnerships & discover innovative ways to collaborate.

When Are More-Than-Two Heads “Better” Than One?

When …
You work at home in a home office.
You sit at a busy coffee shop, alone at a table.
You rent space in a shared office or co-working facility yet you work alone in your office or at your cubicle.
You get stuff done on your own yet you’d like other input to improve.

Yet you need to run ideas by others “like you” to sort things out and get things done.

What are you missing by working inside your own head, alone? Sometimes you need other people’s minds for clarity of your own!

Here’s what being part of an Idea MindTeam© means and has done for one of our members!

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